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Accounting System

Accounting software manages financial functions for businesses. Finance and accounting teams use accounting tools to manage expense and cash flow, as well as functions like billing, payroll, general ledger, accounts receivable, and accounts payable.

HR Management System

Human Resource Management It manages employeeprofiles, payroll ,vacation and employee leaves ,Our hr mangment systemCan be intecrated with all Our HR Management system can be integrated with all types of time attendance machines. and keeps track of employee attendance records and help evaluating performance

Inventory Management

It is system that organizes inventory data for companies that on several stores and help management intaking decision by providing Detailed Reports.

Archive System

It is a software solution that simplifies how you organize your stored business data. It provides you with a data archiving strategy by enabling you to convert paper into fully searchable digital (compressed) files.

ISP Billing System

Process Billing systems often include payment software that automates the process of collecting payments, sending recurring bills, tracking expenses, tracking bills, and billing customers.

Online Education

It is electronically supported, internet-based learning for teacher-student interaction and distribution of class materials.Through it, students can move from anywhere with internet and electricity access to a classroom.